Poppies for Peace

The poppies

“Klaprozen voor Vrede vzw “ (Poppies for Peace) is an organisation for volunteers who continue to work on the peace project set up by Anita Huybens. The volunteers make ceramic poppies and are in charge of selling them. An important part of their commitment also consists of building awareness regarding problems surrounding war, violence and mutilation.

The poppy refers to the casualties in World War I. A field of ceramic poppies set up at an event is therefore not only an artistic project but also a powerful symbol of protest against the madness of war and its consequences.
The total revenue of the sale of the poppies goes to two organisations. The large poppies are sold to benefit Handicap International. The small poppies to the benefit of the Palestinian Circus-school.

Large Poppies

Sales price for one large poppy (on an iron rod) is €50.

Hint : you can place the large poppies in your garden. They are stable when you push the iron rod deep enough into the soil. If you place several poppies next to each other, place them at enough distance: when it’s windy, they might hit each other and break. During the months with frosts and snow, you’d better put the poppies inside. You can place the rod in a tile which can be delivered.(€2) You can also dismantle the flower and use it as a cozy tealightholder.

Small Poppies

Sales price : a small poppy costs €15. The poppies are available on a single base, or on a metal plate with 3 feet (adjacent or triangular).

Hint: the small poppies are lovely for interior decoration like on the diner table or at the window. There also an ideal gift “with a story”.

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