Poppies for Peace

Handicap International

Handicap International is an independant and impartial aid organisation working in 60 countries in the world, in situations of pauverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Handicap International works alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness in order to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Handicap was the co-winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize as a founder member of the international campaign to ban Landmines which lead to the signing of the Mine Ban Treaty.

Handicap International intervenes in situations of poverty, exclusion, in conflicts and nature disasters. A human live for all is a focal point in the work of Handicap International. Prevention, revalidation and integration are key.

Poppies for Peace support their new project in Eastern-Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo). Demining the area to create a safer environment is also a condition for socio-economic development.


Aside demining and prevention of handicaps, they also support the people with protheses and ortheses (curative aspect). It offers them a perspective to more autonomy and an integration in society.

The key tasks of Handicap International are embedded in their guiding motiv: “WE REPAIR LIVES”

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